Thank you Heather – you are the MOST amazing midwife!

On a whim, my husband and I signed up for Heather’s antenatal class. I cannot explain how grateful I am that I did that! I was immediately struck by how genuinely interested Heather was in my growing family, and in my well-being.

My baby arrived suddenly at 34 weeks! Sophie spent three weeks in the Neo-Natal ICU at Kingsbury. I struggled with Post-Natal Depression. I had absolutely no confidence in myself as a Mom. I also have Cerebral Palsy (although my “symptoms” are mild), and this added to my insecurity. It was tough.

I soon realised the importance of having a great support system, and Heather is a key part of that for me, alongside my church and family.

When Sophie was in hospital, Heather kept in close contact with us, sharing amazing parenting advice and encouragement. When Sophie came home, Heather came for a home visit. She helped to “normalise” our approach to parenting, encouraging us to use our common sense and to just enjoy our daughter.

Sophie is now a healthy 4 month old. I still visit Thula regularly. I love chatting to Heather and the team, or just popping in for a cup of tea and a weigh in.

Heather – you are one in a million! So glad that you are part of our lives!


All my friends had used Thula as the clinic for their babies, so it was a no-brainer for me that I would also use them. I signed up thinking I’d attend their ante-natal classes and visit the clinic for vaccinations- but boy was I wrong…Thula is much more than that!
Tash, Heather and Rhea have all been so helpful and supportive and always welcome me with smiles (and tea!)

I am pretty much at Thula every week, sometimes twice a week and I always leave feeling more confident and in an overall better mood.
Even when I’m not physically there and have a concern, Tash is just a whatsapp away.
I really can not recommend the team enough! Xx

Candace Dyson

When I think of Thula I think ‘peace’ in the crazy mayhem that is your newborn. Heather and the team were so supportive as I found my feet into motherhood. Their inviting welcome and very calm smiles really helped to ease my mind every time I stepped into the quiet space of the clinic. To know that you can go to a space where everyone there understands what you are feeling and what you need to feel better is so comforting. I couldn’t think of a better way for a mom and dad to start their journey than with Thula.

Sarah Stanford

Thank you for all your love, care, and support Heath. And for always, always, calming my heart.


I arrived at Thula for my first ante-natal in 2012. Since then Heather and Penny have become firm fixtures in my life. Their kindness, understanding and incredible knowledge have seen me through two very rough pregnancies, pre-eclampsia, mastitis and post-natal depression and that’s just the major stuff. Breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, weaning, ‘Is his winkie supposed to look like that?’ etc.
Basically, they are all wonderful at Thula and I can’t recommend them highly enough.


Such an amazing place! Wouldn’t have coped with becoming a mom without this incredible team!

Thula Baby Centre is not a clinic, it is a haven of love, support, community and knowledge…a very special place indeed. I will be forever grateful to my paed for suggesting I take my very prem baby to Thula for all his weekly check ups. What could have been a very distressing and emotional time, turned into weekly celebrations and empowering sessions. Tasha and Heather are so warm and patient and encyclopedias on all the latest research and techniques for babies, they make you feel calm and confident no matter what new milestone you are trying to tackle. The community of new and seasoned parents that you connect with just makes your time at the clinic even more inviting, as they say you need a village to raise a child. I can’t recommend Thula Baby Centre enough, it should be on the top of every new parent’s agenda!

Claire Adams

We began feeling like prepared parents after the first few anti natal classes with Heather. Our anxieties instead became feelings of excitement after the jam packed Tuesday evenings which we really enjoyed. Having Heather available to us, at the clinic down the road and on WhatsApp has been a pleasure. Our baby girl is angelic and it’s thanks to Heather for steering us in the right direction with her on everything – Feeding, settling, sleeping. We would have been nowhere near as prepared, confident and calm if it wasn’t for the 24/7 access we have and the clinic sessions.

Robyn and Mark Trakman