Heather  and Tasha run antenatal classes in Mouille Point; Tasha on Monday evenings, Heather on Tuesday evenings . Heather and Christina also run evening classes at Kelvin Grove  in Newlands; Heather on a Thursday and Christina on a Monday. Each course runs  for 6 weeks, from 7 until  9pm and costs  R2400  . There is a 7th class exclusively for the Dads. Classes sizes range from 6 to 16 couples, and it’s a great opportunity to make friends with other couples living close by, and provides a wonderful support network for you once your baby has arrived.  You can see a course outline further down on this page.

Book online!

  1. Use the Thula appointments page to book your class, clicking on ‘book appointment’.  Under Location choose either Thula (choose between Monday/Tasha and Tuesday/Heather under Provider) or Rondebosch antenatal class.  Look at the schedule below, and book for the  class you’d like to attend.  The booking looks like an appointment for the starting date at 19h00, but don’t be alarmed,  as this books you for the entire course.  Please supply name, cellphone number and email address as requested.
  2. Once classes are full we will contact you for confirmation and payment.
  3. You can also email me if you have questions, or need to change a booking, Heather at heathjoywood@gmail.com

Looking forward to meeting you!

Atlantic Seaboard Antenatal classes

The Atlantic Seaboard classes are held at Thula which is on Beach Rd, opposite the Lighthouse and behind Cafe Neo.  Parking is available directly outside the clinic. Tasha’s classes are held on Monday evenings, Heather’s on Tuesday evenings  .  Christina is running a class on a Thursday towards the end of the year. Please note that the Dads class is often on a different weekday evening to the other  classes, held at Thula , also from 7 til 9pm. The dates for the dad’s class are tabled below.

Address: South Seas, 129 Beach Rd, Mouille Point

Class dates for the Atlantic Seaboard in 2019 are:

  • Heather Tuesday 17th September to 22nd October ( Dad class 3rd October)
  • Tasha Monday 4th November to 9th December ( Dad class 13th November)
  • Heather Tuesday 5th November to 10th December ( Dad class 21st November)
  • Christina Thursday 7th November to 12th December ( Dad class 13th November)

Atlantic Seaboard classes for 2020 are:

  • Tasha Wednesday 8th January til 12th February
  • Heather Tuesday 21st January til 25th February
  • Christina Thursday 6th February til 12th March
  • Tasha Wednesday 26th February til 1st April
  • Heather Tuesday 31st March til 5th May
  • Tasha Wednesday 15th April til 20th May
  • Tasha Wednesday 3rd June til 8th July
  • Heather Tuesday 21st July til 25th August
  • Tasha Wednesday 22nd July til 26th August
  • Tasha Wednesday 9th September til 14th October
  • Heather Tuesday 6th October til 10th November
  • Tasha Wednesday 28th October til 2nd December

Southern Suburbs (Newlands) Antenatal classes

The Southern Suburbs classes are held by  Heather on Thursday evenings at Kelvin Grove  in Newlands from 7 til 9pm . The  Dads class is held at Thula Baby Centre in Mouille Point.

Class dates for the Southern Suburbs in 2019 are:

  • Thursday 19th September to 24th October  ( Dad class 2nd October) ( full)
  • Thursday 7th November to 12th December  ( Dad class 20th November)

Class dates for Kelvin Grove in 2020 are:

  • Thursday 9th January til 13th Feb
  • Thursday 5th March til 9th April (Tasha is running this class, not Heather)
  • Thursday 7th May til 11th June
  • Thursday 16th July til 20th August
  • Thursday 10th September til 15th October
  •  Thursday 5th November til 10th December

Thula Antenatal Classes in Cape Town – Course Outline

1. Introduction

  • Getting to know one another
  • Discuss expectations/needs/aims of the course
  • Danger signs in pregnancy .
  • Planning for parenting: a look at our values and those of the family we grew up in

2. The Process of a Normal Labour

  • Advantages and disadvantages of vaginal birth and c/section
  • Anatomy and physiology in pregnancy and labour
  • Signs of labour
  • Details and stages of labour and delivery
  • What to pack for labour
  • When to go to hospital

3. Pain Relief

  • What causes the pain/relieves the pain
  • How to cope using natural methods
  • Drugs in labour
  • Epidural
  • Preparing for parenting: comparing ‘success’ at work to ‘success’ as a parent

4. Variations in Labour

  • Contraindications to vaginal delivery
  • Assisted/instrumental delivery, induction
  • C/section
  • Parenting preparation: potential lifestyle changes
  • Baby Basics: what you need/may want

5. Feeding your Baby

  • Advantages/disadvantages of breastfeeding
  • The ‘how to’ of breastfeeding
  • Formula feeding basics

6. Parenting Skills

  • Baby bath
  • Care of your newborn
  • Settling a fussy baby
  • Sexuality, sleep
  • Postnatal depression.

7Fatherhood Session for the Expectant dads
This session is run by Martin van Eeden, dad to baby Sofia. See his Bio below.

Being a father is one of the most exciting and rewarding challenges with which we can be blessed in life. How ready are you for this new role, which invariably entails a shift in the relationship with your partner and draws from your own experiences of being fathered?

In this session we will explore:

  • what changes you need to prepare yourself for in your relationship with your partner (big changes can and do happen!)
  • your relationship with your own father (and other male mentors) and what you have learnt from them and can use in your own fathering.

The session will provide a safe space where expectant fathers can openly explore and share ideas and experiences and provide support for one another.

Martin van Eeden

Aurelia’s Husband / Sofia’s Father / Associate Life Coach / Management Consultant / CrossFitter / Coffee Enthusiast / Wine Drinker / Wannabe Chef

Whenever I have had to think about what I want to do with my life, the same answer in some form always comes up. I want to help people realise their potential and then help them live up to it. That is what I get to do every day.

Now that I am a new dad, I find that I have a new passion for sharing what we as new parents experienced during and after our pregnancy, especially with other dads. I aim to create support groups where new dads can have the opportunity to hear solutions and ideas that may not have occurred to them individually and to problem solve through connection and shared resources.

I am looking forward to take this journey with all of you!

Oh Baby, WTF!

Monday 3 June


Thula Baby Centre

We’re excited to collaborate with The New Normal (https://www.instagram.com/t.h.e.n.e.w.n.o.r.m.a.l/) and Carly’s Couch (https://www.instagram.com/onthecouchwithcarly/) to bring this talk to our expecting parents and new parents as an additional session to our 6 week ante-natal programme.

Oh Baby, WTF! is a talk devised by moms, Genevieve Putter, (founder of The New Normal) and Carly Abramovitz, (clinical psychologist and founder of Carly’s Couch), to address the systemic changes a mother goes through on a physiological, mental, emotional and social level, after birth and how this affects her whole world. It is a talk that takes a nuanced and in-depth look at what life is REALLY like with an infant.

They will unpack the various spheres of a contemporary woman’s life and how a new baby has a ripple effect throughout all of them – the new identity as mother, her relationship with her partner, friends and family and how to integrate back into the working world as a new mom. The aim is to provide a toolkit on how to manage these shifts in a way that will empower mothers for their new role in the family dynamic.

While the content of this talk is very much geared towards the mother and to equipping her, partners are encouraged to join as well so as to better understand WTF is going on (or will be once the baby has arrived) as they are often Mom’s first line of support.

Cost is R250pp or R400 per couple.

Book directly through Quicket (https://www.quicket.co.za/events/72372-oh-baby-wtf-life-with-an-infant-and-how-to-survive/#/)

Hatch SA (http://www.hatch.org.za/) , an NPO that delivers care packs to new moms and their new borns in previously disadvantaged communities. They are doing wonderful work in helping new mammas who often have a lot of trying circumstances to deal with, aside from a newborn, and they are in need of the following items for their carepacks which we’d so appreciate if you could donate when attending the Oh Baby, WTF! talk.

  • onesies, vests, leggings, warm top, socks, beanies (0-3 months)
  • fleecey blanket
  • soft small toy
  • nappies (size 1)
  • baby wipes
  • face cloth
  • cotton wool
  • aqueous cream
  • baby soap
  • sanitary pads

The facilitators

Genevieve is the founder of the New Normal, an Instagram community started a year ago due to the lack of support and information about the transition to motherhood. She was inspired after the birth of her son three years ago when she experienced a post partum unravelling due to the pressures that came with new motherhood. She currently runs a support group for new moms in Cape Town, has regular info sessions and is currently training as a post partum doula.

Carly is the founder of Carly’s Couch, a group psychology practice based in Cape Town. As a clinical psychologist and new mom, Carly has a specific interest in providing support for women’s mental health during the perinatal period. Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders affect 1 in every 10 women (according to SADAG, 2012) but in South Africa this figure is close to 1 in every 3 new moms according to the Perinatal Mental Health Project.