Below is the price list for the main services offered by Thula Baby Centre.  Last update: November 2019.  Please remember that if you do not arrive for an appointment someone else misses out, and we will need to invoice you for a consultation.

Price List
Home Visits R700
Consultation 320 for 30 minutes
Extended Consultation R400 for 45+ minutes
Admin fee – per injection (Private vaccines) R130
Professional service fee – per visit (State vaccines) R300
Antenatal classes R2400
 Government vaccines are free of charge
Menactra (meningococcal) R780
MMR R395
Hepatitis A R450
Adacel Quadra (booster DTP/IPV) R520
Gardasil (HPV) R850
Varilrix R530

Please note that, while we make every effort to update this page, vaccine prices are outside of our control and subject to change without notice.

Our fees are as follows:

  • Consultations R320 for a half hour, weekly for the first 4 to 6 weeks, and less often thereafter, depending on individual support needs.
  • State Vaccinations include a consultation (R320) as well as a professional service fee of R300 . Almost all vaccines are free of charge up until 1 year of age.
  • After the age of one a number of private vaccines are recommended.  For these there is no professional service fee, but an admin per injection is charged – R130.
  • Extended consultation >45 min R400