Heather Wood
Heather Wood Registered Nurse & Midwife, Lactation Consultant
Heather is a mother of two and has been the clinic sister at Thula since it opened 15 years ago. She loves preparing and empowering prospective parents for birth and supporting them on the other side to become confident parents who can really enjoy their babies. She strives to be the calm in the storm of change that having a child brings.

Heather is a qualified nurse & midwife (BSc Nursing from UCT)) and internationally certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) .

Tasha Perreard
Tasha PerreardRegistered Nurse & Lactation Consultant
Tasha is a Registered Nurse , South African Certified Lactation Consultant and International Board Certified Lactation Consutant with over 14 years experience gained in South Africa, the UK and Australia. In 2013 she became the mother of twin girls and her son , and Hugo was born 3 years ago…for a few months she had three children under 3! She has worked at Thula since March 2015 and is passionate about helping new mums and dads on the journey of parenthood. She has a special interest in supporting parents of twins and the challenges that having multiple babies bring.
Alexandra Laros
Alexandra LarosRegistered Nurse & Midwife
Alexandra is a qualified nurse & midwife (Bachelor of nursing from UWC) who has recently moved to Sea Point from Durban. She is excited to be part of the Thula team and to walk along side parents through the special journey of parenthood.

A bit more about Thula

Heather Wood has been the clinic sister at Thula  since it opened its door 15 years ago . Tasha Perreard , our second clinic sister and lactation consultant, is also mum to three small children. Alexandra Laros is the newest member of the Thula Team and is a qualified nurse and midwife.  Shani is our administrator, and she will look after you and make your appointments for you, too, if you don’t find it easier to book them on line.

Thula Baby Centre is a private well baby clinic, offering antenatal preparation classes, lactation support in hospital, as well as after discharge from hospital, and care of the newborn baby, mum and dad. We weigh and measure the babies, and teach our new parents how to care for them, learning skills for settling them when they fuss, and knowlege and skills to parent with confidence.  Any feeding difficulties are prioritised.  Vaccinations are given according to the South African EPI (recommended vaccine schedule) using the excellent government vaccines, as well as private vaccines not available through the state programme.  Dads are welcomed and encouraged to come to clinic visits, and other pertinent issues like expressing, back to work, sleeping trouble, routine and starting solids are covered in consultations.

Charlene van Tonder from Safe Kids has evening CPR/First aid classes once a month. Contact her to book classes : cdvantonder@gmail.com/ 0794924385

Don’t miss our popular monthly mums teas, usually on the first Wednesday of the month, from 11 til 12h30.